NiraWave Rocker

Optical inflammation imaging agent

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NiraWave Rocker optical imaging agent (1 x 5 injections): 130 - 095 - 158
NiraWave Rocker optical imaging agent (5 x 5 injections): 130 - 095 - 159

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NiraWave Rocker is a nanoparticulate near-infrared (NIR) fluorescence imaging agent optimized for visualization of vascular leakage in inflamed tissues and tumors. Besides allowing for studies of the enhanced permeability and retention (EPR) effect, the agent also accumulates in certain cell types via the rocker-switch mechanism.

Profit from the unique nanoparticulate agent for optical inflammation imaging:

  • Highlight inflamed tissues and tumors
  • Benefit from the deep tissue penetration
  • Accumulation in certain tissues and tumors enables longitudinal studies with only a single injection
  • Viscover's leading optical imaging agent for visualization of inflammation

Apply NiraWave Rocker to:

  • Detect areas of increased vascular permeability, e.g. certain types of tumors
  • Study inflammatory processes such as in rheumatic diseases
  • Monitor therapeutic response
Physico-chemical properties and structure
Emission wavelength:

830 nm

Excitation wavelength:

660 - 790 nm

Normalized absorption and emission spectra of NiraWave Rocker in plasma

NiraWave Rocker optical inflammation and tumor imaging

PC-3 tumor-bearing mouse with metastasized sciatic lymph nodes.

Selected references
  1. Hess, M. et al.(2012) Long-term tumor visualization by NiraWave Rocker. www.viscover-online/data-gallery/oi.