A landmark in small animal in vivo imaging. The innovative Viscover product portfolio is dedicated...

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From physics to efficacy: advanced nanotechnology accomplishing cutting-edge imaging...

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Pre-clinical imaging as easy as ABC. Viscover imaging agents have been developed to offer...

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From structure to pharmacology: Viscover's versatility illustrated by the GadoSpin product family...

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13. 06. 2018New Highlights: Visit our Data Gallery

Visit our Data Gallery and find new exciting application examples of our Viscover imaging agents such as the investigation of disease-related changes in organ size, in vivo µ-CT of the myoc...
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ViscoverData Gallery

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Viscover Imaging Agents - a landmark in small animal imaging

As animal imaging is rapidly gaining relevance in pharmaceutical research, we are delighted to offer you an exciting portfolio of specialized pre-clinical imaging agents covering the principal imaging modalities - in fact, the first of it´s kind:

  • GadoSpin and FeraSpin contrast agents for MRI
  • ExiTron contrast agents for CT
  • PolySon contrast agents for ultrasound
  • NiraWave contrast agents for optical imaging

Using innovative (nano-)technologies most of our agents are far ahead of the human clinical routine, yet we provide the clinical standard agents as well.

Consulting and Service tailored to your needs

We strive to meet customer demand for tailor-made nanopharmaceuticals and imaging agents. Our custom solutions include agent development, pharmaceutical manufacturing as well as experiment design. We are the only company to offer target-specific imaging agents for all modalities. Collaboration opportunities range from pilot studies to long-term partnerships.

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