Micro-CT Portfolio

Visualize more than bone structure with ease

Viscover brings to you the broadest portfolio of imaging agents tailored for pre-clinical micro-CT. ExiTron contrast agents have been specifically developed to provide micro-CT with long sought-after soft-tissue contrast. Novel nanomaterials help extend the application range of any micro-CT far beyond mere bone scans.

A unique portfolio to meet the demands of CT

Our innovative ExiTron agents enable targeted high resolution imaging of tumors and organs with ease.

  • ExiTron MyoC is an innovative nanoparticulate agent optimized for CT studies of the myocardium
  • ExiTron nano is the only inorganic nanoparticular CT contrast agent allowing blood pool (angiography) and organ specific (liver, spleen) imaging in a single application
  • ExiTron P is a long-circulating polymeric agent for high-resolution CT angiography (CTA)
  • ExiTron V is a classical dimeric non-ionic extracellular CT contrast agent for CT angiography (CTA)
  • ExiTron U is a classical monomeric non-ionic extracellular CT contrast agent for CT angiography (CTA)

Discover how you can advance your micro-CT research

This illustrated guide of ExiTron contrast agents assists you in identifying the optimal contrast agent for your particular application. Read further to reveal how Viscover ExiTron products can progress your micro-CT research.

  • Targeted

  • Extravascular

  • Liver/spleen

  • Angiography

  • Myocardium
ExiTron MyoC 8000
Myocardial CT agent
ExiTron nano 12000
CT angiography agent
ExiTron P
CT angiography agent for renal excretion
ExiTron nano 6000
Liver imaging CT agent
ExiTron V
Extracellular CT agents
ExiTron U
Extracellular CT agents
Customized CT agents
Viscover´s featured agent
Viscover´s alternative agent