Viscover Efficacy

From physics to efficacy: advanced nanotechnology accomplishing cutting-edge imaging

Viscover’s imaging agents have been pharmacologically engineered to provide optimal contrast efficiencies for all principal imaging modalities.

Viscover’s innovative nanotechnology exemplified
  • Superparamagnetism of FeraSpin products yields exceptional MRI contrast
  • Low viscosity of ExiTron nano products for superior CT
  • Enhanced echogenicity of PolySon agents provides outstanding ultrasound contrast
  • Quantum confinement in NiraWave nano products provides exceptional optical properties
Viscover’s versatility demonstrated by FeraSpin Products

Viscover has developed robust methods for particle size fractionation. This is exemplified by the FeraSpin Series, a portfolio of size-fractionated superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles for MRI.

Imaging diversity realized by nanoparticle size
  • Smaller particles, such as FeraSpin XS, have the longest circulation times
  • Larger particles, such as FeraSpin XXL, accumulate in the liver and spleen more rapidly
  • Smaller particles have optimal properties for T1- weighted “positive contrast”, namely a low r2/r1 relaxivity ratio
  • Larger particles have a higher T2 relaxation rate and thereby optimal T2/T2* contrast properties

Taken together, the FeraSpin Series covers the complete size range of iron oxide nanoparticles for MRI research.

FeraSpin Mean particle size
(hydrodynamic diameter)
Relaxivity r2/r1
(in water 37 °C, 1.41 T )
XS 10 – 20 nm 3 - 5
S 20 – 30 nm 5 - 9
M 30 – 40 nm 9 - 22
L 40 – 50 nm 22 - 32
XL 50 – 60 nm 32 - 39
XXL 60 – 70 nm 39 - 46

The FeraSpin Series is composed of superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles that have been formulated in six different sizes. As shown in the diagram, particle size is a critical parameter affecting contrast efficacy in terms of T1 and T2 relaxation properties as well as physiological behavior.