Viscover Pharmacology

From structure to pharmacology: Viscover’s versatility illustrated by the GadoSpin product family

Viscover employs a broad range of structural entities to tailor imaging agents for your specific applications. This is exemplified by the GadoSpin product family, which perfectly demonstrates the structural-functional synergy that underlies the versatility of all Viscover Products.

Viscover’s small polar molecules
  • Rapidly escape from the vasculature
  • Do not cross cellular membranes or the uncompromised blood-brain barrier
  • Often undergo rapid renal excretion
Viscover’s dendrimers
  • Are retained by healthy blood vessels
  • Pass through sites of vascular changes
  • Are ideal for dynamic studies of vascular permeability
Viscover’s high-molecular-weight polymers
  • Circulate in the vasculature for a prolonged period
  • Are ideally suited for angiography scans
Viscover’s amphiphiles
  • Bind to albumin and escape fast renal excretion
  • Become enriched in target tissues such as atherosclerotic plaques and lymph nodes
Viscover’s nanoparticles
  • Escape renal excretion
  • Circulate for an extended time
  • Enter both circulating and resident phagocytes

GadoSpin products cover a wide range of structural entities. Their defined pharmacologies provide the researcher with a set of unique tools for a multitude of imaging applications.