GadoSpin F

Atherosclerosis imaging MRI agent

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GadoSpin F MRI contrast agent (1 x 5 injections): 130 - 095 - 162
GadoSpin F MRI contrast agent (5 x 5 injections): 130 - 095 - 163

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GadoSpin F is a unique MRI agent developed for atherosclerosis imaging. It contains a hydrophobic targeting moiety for high protein binding affinity. The agent accumulates in atherosclerotic plaques and enables T1-weighted visualization of plaque burden.

The unique amphiphilic agent for plaque imaging:

  • Contains a hydrophobic targeting moiety
  • Accumulates in atherosclerotic plaques
  • Leads to significant T1 positive enhancement in the vascular system
  • GadoSpin F is Viscover’s leading MRI agent for imaging of cardiovascular diseases
  • Alternatively, benefit from GadoSpin F:

    • For efficient lymph node and inflammation imaging based on its selective enrichment
    • By easily performing an additional angiography scan during GadoSpin F's extended blood pool phase
    Physico-chemical properties and structure

    Relaxivity (37 °C, 1.5 T)

    In plasma:

    r1 = 18 L mmol-1 s-1
    r2 = 31 L mmol-1 s-1

    In water:

    r1 = 15 L mmol-1 s-1
    r2 = 20 L mmol-1 s-1

    Molecular weight:

    ~1,300 g mol-1

    Schematic diagram of GadoSpin F:

    GadoSpin F atherosclerosis and vascular imaging

    Top: Accumulation of GadoSpin F in atherosclerotic plaque of a WHHL rabbit 6 hours (left) and 24 h (right) post injection, as measured by as measured by T1-weighted MRI (TFL IR, 1.5 T).

    Bottom: Axial Flash MR images of an ApoE-/-mouse pre (left) and 24 hours post (right) injection of GadoSpin F. The signal intensity of the descending aorta (red arrows) increases due to GadoSpin F accumulation in atherosclerotic plaque.

    Selected references
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