FeraSpin R

Liver imaging MRI agent

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FeraSpin R MRI agent (1 x 5 injections): 130 - 095 - 138
FeraSpin R MRI agent (5 x 5 injections): 130 - 095 - 139

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FeraSpinTM R is based on the clinically proven Ferucarbotran and forms the basis of all products within the FeraSpin Series. FeraSpin R is rapidly taken up by liver and spleen macrophages.

Viscover's proven superparamagnetic iron oxide (SPIO) nanoparticle agent:

  • Consists of nanoparticles with sizes ranging from 10-90 nanometers
  • Is rapidly taken up by macrophages in the liver and spleen
  • Delivers optimal T2/T2* contrast
  • FeraSpin R is Viscover's leading liver imaging agent for T2-weighted MRI

Apply FeraSpin R SPIO nanoparticles to:

  • Effectively visualize spleen, liver and liver tumor morphology in excellent detail in T1-weighted MR images
  • Study nanoparticle physiology with ease
  • Rely on a substance well-proven in clinical practice
Physico-chemical properties and structure

Mean particle size (hydrodynamic diameter):

60 nm

Particle size range:

10 - 90 nm

Relaxivity (37 °C, 1.41 T)
In water:

r1 = 10 L mmol-1 s-1
r2 = 185 L mmol-1 s-1

Relaxivity (37 °C, 1.5 T, clinical device)
In plasma:

r1 = 7 L mmol-1 s-1
r2 = 95 L mmol-1 s-1

In water:

r1 = 9 L mmol-1 s-1
r2 = 61 L mmol-1 s-1

Schematic diagram of a FeraSpin R nanoparticle

Schematic diagram of a FeraSpin R nanoparticle

FeraSpin R MRI of the liver
Axial T2-weighted MR images of a mouse before (left) and after (right) injection of FeraSpin R. Accumulation of the agent in liver Kupffer cells leads to hypointensity of healthy liver tissue and renders the tumor white and highly visible.
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