ExiTron BAT

CT agent for imaging of brown fat

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ExiTron BAT CT contrast agent (1 x 5 injections): 130 - 095 - 707
ExiTron BAT CT contrast agent (5 x 5 injections): 130 - 095 - 708

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ExiTron BAT is an innovative agent optimized for in vivo CT studies of brown adipose tissue (BAT) in small animals. Containing an iodine-based amphiphile, it accumulates in brown fat deposits enabling accurate identification of this tissue with ease.

ExiTron BAT, the unique CT agent:

  • Shows a high accumulation in the BAT of small animals
  • Delivers optimal CT contrast
  • Enables a wide imaging time window
  • ExiTron BAT is Viscover's leading agent for CT studies of brown fat

Apply ExiTron MyoC 8000 to:

  • Effectively visualize pathological changes of the myocardium, e.g. infarction
  • Quantify infarct size
  • Investigate functional cardiac parameters
  • Perform longitudinal CT studies
  • Obtain optimal CT images at low injection volume
Physico-chemical properties and structure
Mean hydrodynamic diameter:

~300 nm

Hounsfield units (undiluted agent):

~8000 HU

Schematic diagram of an ExiTron MyoC 8000 nanoparticle

ExiTron BAT CT of brown adipose tissue (BAT)
Sagittal CT image of a mouse at 3.5 hours post injection of ExiTron BAT showing contrast enhancement in BAT (red arrow).
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