FeraSpin XS

Nanoparticulate vascular MRI agent

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FeraSpin XS MRI agent (1 x 5 injections): 130 - 095 - 140
FeraSpin XS MRI agent (5 x 5 injections): 130 - 095 - 141

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FeraSpin XS is an ultra-small superparamagnetic iron oxide (USPIO) nanoparticle agent for MR angiography (MRA). It has been size-selected from FeraSpin R and is part of the FeraSpin Series. FeraSpin XS has the longest circulation time of the entire FeraSpin product family and can be imaged by both T1- and T2/T2*- weighted sequences.

Viscover’s unique ultrasmall superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticle (USPIO) agent:

  • Is analogous to human clinical agents
  • Has an ultra-small size of 18 nanometers
  • Has the longest blood half-life of all FeraSpin products
  • Delivers optimal vascular T1 enhancement (positive contrast)
  • FeraSpin XS is Viscover’s leading agent for nanoparticle-based vascular studies

Apply FeraSpin XS to effectively:

  • Visualize and quantify vascularization of tumors and inflammatory processes
  • Determine the vascular volume fraction and conduct vessel size imaging
Physico-chemical properties and structure
Mean particle size (hydrodynamic diameter):

18 nm

Particle size range:

Narrow size distribution

Relaxivity (37 °C, 1.41 T)
In water:

r1 = 13 L mmol-1 s-1
r2 = 49 L mmol-1 s-1

Relaxivity (37 °C, 1.5 T, clinical device)
In plasma:

r1 = 11 L mmol-1 s-1
r2 = 38 L mmol-1 s-1

In water:

r1 = 13 L mmol-1 s-1
r2 = 44 L mmol-1 s-1

Schematic diagram of a FeraSpin XS nanoparticle

Schematic diagram of a FeraSpin XS nanoparticle

FeraSpin XS MR angiography
Mouse whole-body T1-weighted MR angiography using FeraSpin XS.
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