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The only contrast agents with single particle sensitivity

Viscover PolySon L, PolySon H and PolySon T ultrasound agents are unique hard-shell ultrasound microbubbles with ideal physiological and contrast properties for all typical ultrasound methods.

Highly echogenic single particle sensitivity for detailed imaging

PolySon agents are micrometer-sized air-filled polymeric particles, or microbubbles. Comprised of a stabile inert polymeric shell, they exhibit tunable acoustic properties that allow fast and reliable ultrasound. Additionally, PolySon agents provide the added capability of in vivo single bubble quantification via ‘bubble destructive’ methods (stimulated acoustic emission, SAE).

Developed for demanding pre-clinical applications

  • PolySon L is a hard-shell ultrasound microbubble agent, optimal for organ perfusion measurements and the visualization of liver and spleen
  • PolySon H offers you the same capabilities as PolySon L, but is optimized for measurements at the body surface with high acoustic pressures
  • PoySon T is a hard-shell ultrasound microbubble agent that is optimized for imaging of tumors

Discover how you can advance your ultrasound research

This illustrated guide of PolySon products assists you in identifying the optimal contrast agent for your particular application. Read further to reveal how Viscover PolySon can progress your ultrasound research.

  • Molecular

  • Tumor

  • Liver

  • Perfusion
PolySon L
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Hard-shell ultrasound microbubbles
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