ExiTron P

CT angiography agent for renal excretion

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ExiTron P CT contrast agent (1 x 5 injections): 130 - 095 - 144
ExiTron P CT contrast agent (5 x 5 injections): 130 - 095 - 145

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ExiTronTM P is a long-circulating polymeric agent for high-resolution CT angiography (CTA). Comprised of a high molecular weight organic polymer, ExiTron P assures long circulation and acquisition times enabling the visualization of vascular fine structure with ease.

This unique polymeric blood-pool CT contrast agent:

  • Is based on organic polymer of selected molecular weight
  • Has a high volumetric reagent concentration
  • Provides a long circulation time and broad acquisition time window
  • Is eliminated from the body within a day allowing multiple injections
  • Viscover's leading agent for high resolution CT angiography

Utilize ExiTron P to:

  • Proficiently study healthy vasculature as well as vascular changes in angiogenesis
  • Harness the full potential of your imaging device to investigate microvessels
Physico-chemical properties and structure
Molecular weight:

~ 20,000 g mol-1

Hounsfield units (undiluted agent):

~ 4700 HU

Schematic diagram of ExiTron P

ExiTron P CT angiography
Whole-body CT angiography in mouse using ExiTron P visualizes the heart and the abdominal vasculature in great detail.
Selected references
  1. Koziolek, E. et al. (2022) in vivo renal imagingin mice via contrast-enhanced CT usinga novel polymeric contrast agent.
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