Viscover Customized Agents

Imaging agents tailored for your research

The continually expanding Viscover portfolio provides reliable, ready-to-use imaging agents covering a wide spectrum of imaging demands. For those occasions when a customized solution is required, you can rely on the Viscover team for timely assistance.

Examples of our custom offers include:
For MRI:
  • Target-specific imaging agents based on both iron oxide and gadolinium-chelate nanoparticles
  • Iron oxide nanoparticles of all sizes
  • Custom-sized polymeric MRI agents
For micro-CT:
  • Fractionated radiopaque nanoparticles
  • Research on target-specific CT imaging agents
  • Custom-sized polymeric CT imaging agents
For ultrasound imaging:
  • Target- specific ultrasound microbubbles
  • Fractionated ultrasound microbubbles with selected echogenic properties
For optical imaging:
  • NIR dyes, both small molecule and particulate, having various chemical functionalities and optical properties
  • Target-specific optical imaging agents

Contact your local sales representative or Viscover technical support to discuss new product options for your research!

Viscover’s target-specific agents for all modalities.
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