Viscover Quality

A landmark in small animal in vivo imaging

The innovative Viscover product portfolio is dedicated to high quality imaging agents for pre-clinical studies.

A unique portfolio for pre-clinical imaging

Viscover is the only integrated range of small animal in vivo imaging agents covering the principal diagnostic imaging modalities:

  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging – GadoSpin and FeraSpin agents
  • Computed Tomography – ExiTron agents
  • Ultrasound – PolySon agents
  • Optical Imaging – NiraWave agents
  • PET and SPECT agents to follow soon
A wide range of applications across many platforms

Our tools include novel molecules and pharmacologies, as well as the application of trusted standards in clinical practice for animal imaging.

Altogether, the Viscover product range provides solutions for many disciplines, including:

  • Oncology, cardiovascular, inflammation, and neurology research
  • Drug research and development
  • Human disease models in rodents
  • Contrast agent and imaging device research
  • Basic research – from in vitro to in vivo