Disease-related changes in organ size

ExiTron nano 12000

Spleen enlargement in a bone cancer mouse model

Disease-related enlargement of the spleen (segmented in brown) can be observed in a murine bone metastasis model, as seen by the deterioration of bone in the right tibia and the associated angiogenesis in the right hind limb; see also: Longitudinal monitoring of angiogenesis in a mouse

Through quantification of the volume of the spleen before and after induction of cancer a ~10fold increase in organ volume was determined.

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Das NM, Hatsell S, Nannuru K, Huang L,Wen X, Wang L, et al. (2016) In Vivo Quantitative Microcomputed Tomographic Analysis of Vasculature and Organs in a Normal and Diseased  Mouse Model. PLoS ONE 11(2) doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0129912

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