Viscover Imaging Chemistry

Application-specific fluorescent dyes

Viscover supports your research by providing you with a portfolio of carbocyanine-based fluorescent dyes covering different spectral ranges from the visible (VIS) through the near infrared (NIR), allowing you to select the dye that best fits your application.

FluoroWave agents are small molecular fluorescent dyes that carry specific functional groups. Regardless of whether you perform laboratory or in vitro assays, in vivo imaging or ex vivo studies, the FluoroWave range offers the agent that meets your specific needs.

Viscover’s FluoroWave dyes:

  • Are highly versatile due to their different functional groups
  • Can be supplied as bifunctional dyes with mono or hetero reactive groups
  • Exhibit high fluorescence intensities
  • Are soluble and stable in aqueous buffer systems
  • Can be easily conjugated to other moieties via click chemistry
  • Remain stable under solid-phase peptide synthesis conditions
  • Can be combined together to enable the entire process from the laboratory to the preclinical stage in a single study

Apply our FluoroWave dyes to:

  • Easily label your specific targeting molecule
  • Perform microscopic analysis, fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS) studies, preclinical studies or a combination thereof
  • Visualize and investigate various biological processes

Discover how you can benefit from our FluoroWave dyes! For specification of the reactive groups on your monofunctional or bifunctional FluoroWave dye please contact us.

  • FluoroWave ICC

  • FluoroWave IDCC

  • FluoroWave ITCC
in vivo NIR
ICC-based fluorescent dyes*
IDCC-based fluorescent dyes*
ITCC-based fluorescent dyes*
  • ICC-R
  • IDCC-R
  • ITCC-R
Variable functionality*
  • 549
  • 648
  • 750
Absorbance λmax
  • 578
  • 678
  • 780
Emission λmax
  • 150.000
  • 150.000
  • 150.000
ε [Lmol-1s-1]

* Choose from a ariety of functional groups, R: NHS ester, Carboxylic acid, Maleimide or Propargyl group.

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