Optical Imaging Portfolio

Innovative imaging agents for detailed vascular imaging

NiraWave optical imaging agents are novel dyes and nanomaterials ideal for the study of vascular fine structure and disease-related vascular changes.

Visualize blood vessels with exceptional detail

NiraWave agents are designed to capitalize the most from your imaging device.

  • NiraWave C is the animal imaging formulation of the clinical indocyanine green agent that has been used for angiography (eye), organ perfusion, rheumatology diagnostics, and photodynamic therapy research
  • NiraWave M is a unique micellar formulation of NiraWave C with a long circulation time ideal for optical angiography and the study of vascular leakage in inflammation and tumors
  • NiraWave nano 780 is a nanoparticulate optical imaging agent that provides a broad excitation range, a high quantum yield, and the best possible tissue penetration

Discover how you can advance your optical imaging research

This illustrated guide of NiraWave imaging agents assists you in identifying the optimal agent for your particular application. Read further to reveal how Viscover NiraWave products can progress your optical imaging research.

  • Molecular

  • Angiography: refined detail

  • Inflammation Imaging

  • Microcirculation

  • Angiography: long circulation
NiraWave nano 780
Optical angiography agent
NiraWave M
NiraWave Rocker
Optical inflammation imaging agent
NiraWave C
The trusted optical imaging agent
Customized OI agent
Viscover´s featured agent
Viscover´s alternative agent